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October 10, 2013- Interview with the Liverpool Post 'My Day Off'

Blog Appearances

June 29, 2014- Quote from 'Outlanders' used as inspiration for Molly Moore's photo blog post 
March 20, 2014- 4* ( Review of 'Hope's Daughter' by author Sadie Forsythe "I adored Balik. He made a marvellous male lead." 

February 9, 2014- Discussing the inspiration for the Ambrosia Sequence in a guest post on the Story Reading Ape 
November 19, 2013- Review of 'The Rainbow Maker's Tale' by author Tony Talbot..."I really liked Balik’s logical self-sufficient approach to life, and his approach to solving problems. The world building was as strong as Hope’s Daughter, and this time we got to see more..." 
November 9, 2013- 4* Review of 'The Rainbow Maker's Tale' from Total Teen Fiction "Even thought I knew what was coming from having read Hope's Daughter, I still got wrapped up in all the little mysteries. The Rainbow Maker's Tale has definitely got me excited for the rest of the series!"
October 12, 2013- Review of 'Hope's Daughter' by Paulina at Little Book Pixie Blog "Cassie was a great lead, I could totally connect with her emotions: like her nerves regarding her placement and feelings for Balik...the way the author describes her feelings was amazing and genuine." 

August 31,2013- 5* Review of 'Hope's Daughter' by author Jodi Woody
August 19, 2013- 4* Review of 'The Rainbow Maker's Tale' from A Match Made in Heaven 
April 11, 2013- Featured Author with the Story Reading Ape 
February 7, 2013- Excerpt and Cover Reveal for 'The Rainbow Maker's Tale' at A Love 4 Lit 
August 30, 2012- Quote from 'Outlanders' used as inspiration for a poem on loss by Susan Noyes Anderson 'Fade to Gray' 

July 30, 2012- Once Upon a Prologue review 'Hope's Daughter' 
July 30, 2012-
A 'Beam-worthy' review of 'Hope's Daughter' from Books and Whimsy
July 20, 2012- 5* Roses review of 'Hope's Daughter' from Under the Cover and Between the Sheets "The plot starts out  slow and calm and then WHAM! It becomes a fast pace and exciting your always wondering what's the secret of the Space Station????? This book really keeps you keeps you on your toes until the every last page. This book is not predictable either so you really don't know whats going to happened next!"
June 21, 2012-5* Review of 'Hope's Daughter' from Reading Kelly  "This book was amazing! Any time I picked it up to read, I was immediately pulled into the story and couldn't let go." 
May 3, 2012- Interview with I Am A Reader 
March 28, 2012- 4* Review of 'Hope's Daughter' by Marie at Ramblings of a Daydreamer 
March 27, 2012- Guest Post on Ramblings of a Daydreamer about my 'Writing Journey'
February 22, 2012- Sneak Peek at the First Draft of 'Outlanders' for Lovley Lit's Indie Author Month 
February 14, 2012- Guest Post for Valentine's Day on Chapter by Chapter: 'Love is...'
January 31, 2012- 5* Review of 'Hope's Daughter' from Rebecca at a Match Made in Heaven "This book had my mind racing, trying to make sense of the strange series of events. A constant mystery and sense of impending danger. I could not put it down." 

January 30, 2012-
Author Interview at Confessions of a Bookaholic 
January 16, 2012- Guest Post on Bookaholics Book Club 'From Reader to Writer'